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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Letter to my Daughter

(As part of a Psychology Class assignment, my daughter needed a letter from me. This is what I wrote. She said she cried when she read it.)

I still can’t believe I am so lucky: I brought a little girl to this world as I had fantasized when I was a little girl myself. Well, your daddy helped a little bit. J
I still remember the day when I was lying in the doctor’s office confirming my pregnancy. For the first time, I heard your heartbeat: So fast, so strong, and so steady. My tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. It was a kind of joy I had never experienced before. It was unbelievable.

Things have only gotten better after that day.

On Christmas 1996, I received the test result of my ultrasound: You were to be a healthy baby! It was the best Christmas present I had ever gotten my whole life! I thanked the nurse who called me and gave me this news, over and over again.
You came out a week before your due day, looking chubby and smooth like a one-year-old. It was hard to believe that you were in my tummy only hours ago. That night, after the nurse bathed you and wrapped you in a soft blanket, they placed you next to my chest. I listened to your breathing. So calm. So sweet. I felt like I lived in a fantasy world where everything was magical.

Seventeen years. It has been so much joy watching you grow from a little girl into a young woman with your own personality and characteristics. There have been too many remarkable and memorable moments to count: The first time I let you walk to your classroom from the curbside; the first time I let you walk to school by yourself; and the first time I let you drive to the mall by yourself. . . . We've had so many first times together; we still have so many to look forward to.